Life Skills Development For Kids

The Life Skills Coaching is designed to encourage personal development in children and at the same time providing an outlet for stress; learning responsibility and the necessary skills to be successful individuals.

  • Social Skills
  • Money Management
  • Focus and Self Control
  • Perspective-Taking
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Engaged Learning

Academic Development For kids

The Academic development coaching is designed to work on strategies to help kids succeed. We help kids develop a more organized approach to learning and schoolwork focusing on strategies to help kids with motivation.

  • Biology (Class 5-10)
  • Science
  • Hindi (All Classes)
  • Economics

Who are Mentors

  • Swati -  M.Sc Biotechnology (Gold Medalist), M.B.A (H.R)
  • Alok Anand - M.C.A , IT Professional

How We do - Mode of Education

(1) Online Learning - Live Class (Started...)

Digital Class Room with video conferencing enabled


  • One On One Class (mandatory) - Focused on individual
  • Classes as per student's convenience
  • Access to mentor 24/7 for clarification with no extra cost

(2) Classroom Learning (Coming Soon)


How We're Different

We believe, both online and offline education have benefits depending on the quality .Whether its online or offline ,the thing you would want from coaching is personalized attention ,Good quality mocks,access to coach 24/7 or at least whenever you need them and also commuting time should be as less as possible ,should cover the basics and also have nominal fee. This where we are different from others -we follow all above parameters.  Classes per individual providing best own learning environment, personalized program considering specific requirement and 24/7 availability are our mantra. Plan is to have online and offline classes but starting with online as of now.


Reach To Us

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