Critical & Logical Thinking

One of the leading survey confirms -more than 1 in 6 students are unable to solve complex thinking problems.Our modern society tends to squash essential critical thinking skills with mind-numbing television shows, video games and self-explanatory simple directions. It eliminates problem solving skills by readily spoon feeding easy accessible solutions. The death of vital critical thinking has become eminent.

Critical thinking skills help kids solve complex problems and think for themselves. There are four types of overall Critical & Logical thinking: 

  • Logical Thinking: Using the scientific method approach to thinking and eliminating emotion.
  • Research: Learning how to find solutions backed by facts through research, using scientific data to help formulate answers.
  • Self Awareness: The ability to perceive when their own bias from personal experience clouds their analysis of situations and learning to remove emotional judgments in their problem solving.
  • Thinking Outside the Box

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